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2011-11-22 17:09:35 by Tyrannosaurus-Pwn

Hey guys! I have a new song out called Speed Razor! CLICK HERE!CLICK HERE

Just found music file!

2011-11-01 22:18:29 by Tyrannosaurus-Pwn

Ok, I found my Un-Published menu loop that I never posted! You can check it out now if you wanted to!! Well, what are you waiting for GO! GO! GO!

Voice Acting it is!

2011-10-25 23:01:19 by Tyrannosaurus-Pwn

I think this might go well! I've found a last purpose other than giving Audio and Game reviews! Voice acting! I just submitted my little kid sample named " Mister " I do this from the top of my head. Nothing goes in without No paper is involved. Also I don't have a good microphone yet, so that causes some shoddy quality. Yet, I still submitted it and it is being reviewed for submission! That's about it for now. Tyrannosaurus-Pwn out!

This is Tbonesam!

2011-10-18 17:48:58 by Tyrannosaurus-Pwn

Well, here I am. No longer I will be known as Tbonesam. I am now Tyrannosaurus-Pwn! RAWR!